DeafBlind Services

Tactile/Protactile American Sign Language (TASL/PTASL)

DeafBlind people form a part of the diverse and vibrant Deaf community in the United States. Interpret THAT strives to stay abreast of the everchanging practices and preferences in the Deaf community; and that extends to the DeafBlind community, as well. Services offered for the DeafBlind include:

  • Tactile American Sign Language Interpreting
  • Protactile American Sign Language Interpreting
  • Close Vision Signing
  • Tracking
  • Haptics

Whether, you prefer tactile ASL, protactile ASL, Close Vision Signing, or a combination of those and other techniques, our providers are trained and experienced to match your communication needs.

Professional CoNavigator (Support Service Providers)

CoNavigators (CN), also called Support Service Providers (SSP's), play a vital role in providing accommodation to DeafBlind individuals. Professional CoNavigators go through training and evaluation to ensure a high standard of service for DeafBlind individuals co-navigating sightnbased spaces and institutions.