DeafBlind Services

Tactile/Protactile American Sign Language (TASL/PTASL)

DeafBlind people form a part of the diverse and vibrant Deaf community in the United States. Interpret THAT strives to stay abreast of the everchanging practices and preferences in the Deaf community; and that extends to the DeafBlind community, as well. Services used by DeafBlind people include:

  • Tactile American Sign Language
  • Protactile American Sign Language
  • Close Vision Signing
  • Tracking
  • Haptics

Whether, you prefer Tactile ASL, Protactile ASL, Close Vision Signing, or a combination of those and other techniques, our professionals are ready to provide accommodations.

Professional Support Service Providers

Support Service Providers (SSP's) play a vital role in providing accommodation to DeafBlind individuals. Professional SSP's have gone through an in-house training and evaluation to ensure a high and consistent experience for DeafBlind individuals co-navigating sightnbased spaces and institutions.