Language Interpretation Services

  • American Sign Language Interpreters
    • ASL
    • PSE
    • C.A.S.E.
    • Signed English
  • Trilingual Interpreters
    • Spanish/English/ASL
    • Other languages including Armenian, Tagalog, Thai, and more...
  • Certified Deaf Interpreters
    • High Visual Communication
    • Foreign-born individual; Signed Communication
  • Interpretation for the DeafBlind
    • Tactile Interpretation Services
    • Pro-Tactile Interpretation Services


  • Medical
    • General/Family Medicine
    • Surgical/Acute Care
    • Mental Health
    • Emergency Room/Urgent Care
  • Legal
    • Courtroom interpreting, consultations, and more...

Workshops, Trainings and Mentoring

Interpret THAT can provide workshops and trainings as they relate to work in:

  • Multilingual Settings
  • VRS/VRI Settings
  • Power, Privilege and Oppression/Social Justice
  • Inter-personal Communication; Working with teams from diverse backgrounds and trainings

Currently Featured:

    • ASL, English, Spanish; Working in Multilingual Settings


Questions? Concerns? Doubts? Let Interpret THAT come to provide consultation and cross cultural mediation for your staff and employees. From how to communicate with Deaf individuals to how to use an interpret; we can help! Contact us with your burning questions as they pertain to communication and understanding signing communities.